Saturday, April 24, 2010

Linda's Butterfly Quilt

Our next mystery quilt from our lucky dip is Linda's. I will be sending out instructions with the fabric soon but there are few tricks I thought might be better put in the blog.

Here are the pieces you will need to cut. When you start assembling the pieces of the block there is a small triangle E to add to the corners of B (the butterflies). It is really easy to get this crooked so here is a tip.

  • Place the butterfly square on your board to line up with the inch grid and the diagonal line. 
  • Draw a diagonal line on the butterflies making a two inch triangle.
  • Place the small triangle of E right side down to line up with the inch grid then mark in a diagonal line on this triangle following the diagonal line on the board.
Now place the small triangle to line up with the line you have drawn on the butterflies. Check that it is centred by lining up the diagonal line you have drawn on the small triangle with the diagonal line on the board.

There is a link on the right to a video on sewing half-square triangles.

Even though the measurements I have give are generous my finished block ended up exactly the right size without trimming. If you are worried then make your measurements even more generous but make sure you match points and joins in your final block.

The instructions can be accessed from Google Docs.

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