Monday, May 28, 2018

A small Friday gathering

Last Friday Karen W., Elaine, Carol and I kept ourselves very busy and made lots of progress with our outstanding quilts.

Our first job was to add the binding for our Japanese quilt then Elaine started the hand stitching.

Next we decided on a pale peach sashing for Carol's Peach quilt blocks. They all needed to be trimmed and some needed tiny bits added to make them large enough. This is all now going together quite well.

Carol took on the task of adding the filler triangles to Robyn's Retro quilt. This was a bit of a fiddle but is now done.

This quilt has now had an extra border added and we decided to leave the cut corners on it. It is ready for sandwiching and quilting next time.

With a little bit of time left Karen started to put up Helen's Blue Spots blocks. They looked quite boring until we found an orphan block for a medallion to enhance the centre. We've now also decided to add more of the pink zinger colour as a border at various stages.

We did not draw another project from our lucky dip basket as we still have plenty to be going on with. However, the progress over the day was great and of course we enjoyed the company and food.

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