Friday, April 13, 2018

Patchwork in April

I was most remiss this month because I did not take photos on the day. However, we did have a crowd - Karen W, Linda, Elaine and me from the regular mob then Sue visiting and Lynette, our newest member.

We spent the morning sandwiching the Japanese strippy quilt with its pieced back. Karen W has taken it home to practise some quilting on her new sewing machine.

The binding is now being hand finished on Karen's Windmill quilt by Jane who is over from the UK.

The corners are poor because the fabric we used for the binding is quite thick and stiff and does not fold nicely.

We spent some time cutting and sewing the sashing and corner stones onto the Robyn's Retro blocks and soon these will all be strips ready to assemble. Decisions will have to be made about what to use in the blank triangles.

On the back of the design wall, awaiting trimming and joining are the Carol's Peach blocks.

Since the weekend I've had my colonoscopy (all clear) and then bought some plastic fabric drawers to replace the ones that are disintegrating. I have sorted all the stash and labelled the containers so we can find colours quickly. There is far too much so please feel free to come and take any you choose. I think I'll have to donate more to the Crowle Foundation soon.

Unfortunately the new drawers are not as big as the old ones. I think we need to do a few really scrappy quilts on a colour theme when we've finished our latest just to use up some of these fabrics. Now here's a thought from Exuberant Colour.

Lynette (as our newest member) drew the next fabric which was Karen's Blue and Tan Spots. I have written the instructions for this and will email them soon and post out fabric. As there were not enough colours in the focus fabric we also chose another piece for the centre of the block.

We still have a few quilts on the go so the latest block will not be due until July but feel free to send it back as soon as you have completed it.

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