Saturday, March 25, 2017

On a wet Friday in March

Our appropriately named group had a lovely wet quilting day this month, this time on a Friday. Our membership and those who can attend regularly has changed this year a little with Jenny moving out of Sydney, Robyn leaving the group, Carol taking time off from attending, Valerie from Wales UK rejoining the group, and Gill (Melbourne) and Christine (Sydney) joining our group.

Welcome to Gill who was able to come up from Melbourne to join us in conjunction with other visits to friends and galleries.

Christine also joined us for the first time (far R) and Karen, Elaine and I made our group up to 5 for the day. Carol called in to say hello and collect fabric for the next block but was unable to stay. Let me know if you have not received your fabric for Karen's Windmill block.

Our achievements included:
  • completing the quilting of Linda's Rings pair of quilts and binding one (only the hand sewing to go on this one).
  • tacking Heather's Purple Flowers (above) and Jenny's Flowers to form their sandwiches. There is quilting on both of these to be done if anyone is willing. Finishing these will complete our 2015 fabric lucky dips.
  • arranging the Stephanie's Sampler blocks on the design wall and discussing options for creating the quilt top. There is still one of these blocks to come in and some of the blocks needed small adjustments to get them to the right size (thank you Elaine and Christine). Finishing this will complete our 2016 fabric lucky dips.
  • drawing the next lucky dip (Gill had the privilege of doing this as she will not be here every month). Gill then suggested a block and we have cut pieces ready for everyone. Don't panic that there is too much to do as it will take me some time to complete instructions for this.
  • bindings for remaining quilts have now been cut and pressed ready for attaching when quilting is complete.
In all it was a most productive day and we are now well on our way to having only our 2017 projects outstanding.

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