Monday, February 16, 2015

Patchwork in February

Wow! What a productive Saturday we had last week! We were only a small group but very busy. We also welcomed a new member to our group - Carol. Welcome Carol.

Our first activity was swapping Artist Trading Cards and gathering together a collection to send to Atherton.

Then we had two quilts sandwiches to tack together. Both are now done awaiting quilting.

Linda completed her block for Heather's Flowers quilt. which meant we could then tackle the arrangement of blocks for that one.

We think we've got is as right as it can be.

After measuring our Bright Flowers quilt we found it needed some more borders so here are our thoughts on that one.

Then lots of discussion about the Machu Pichu Star quilt. We will probably make that for an Aussie Heros Quilt too as we only have 8 blocks. We are going to frame each block in a thin bright green then use the focus fabric as sashing and our little pieces as corner stones. It should look good.

Then to finish the day there were a few sketches to work out how to make a tumbling blocks quilt that Linda would like to try.

Carol drew the next Lucky Dip which is a blast from the past. It is from Valerie in Wales. Thank you Valerie. I hope we make a quilt you will approve of.

In all a productive and fantastic day. See you all next time.

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