Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three donated quilts

Early this year we had three unfinished quilts donated from the collection of the late Elizabeth Brown, a colleague of Karen W's.

The first one is applique and each block is done by a different person. The centre two blocks are partly hand quilted in magnificently tiny quilting stitches. Karen is currently trying to find the group that did the blocks to see if they want to complete it. Otherwise we might donate it to the Quilters Guild who will have someone that is happy to continue the tiny quilting.

There is a simple but stunning purple quilt top of foundation pieced blocks. We have decided to just back this one and quilt it simply as it is already quite heavy with the foundation fabric.

This bright quilt only needed to be bound, photographed and labelled. The binding is now on and I'll put up a picture of the finished quilt after our next weekend together.

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