Monday, October 22, 2012

October Quilting Weekend

Thank you to all those who came and worked this weekend and put up with my erratic behaviour. Even though we had extreme difficulties with our "King's Highway" quilt which we have now nicknamed the "Suffragette Quilt" because of the colour scheme it has now been completed as a quilt top. Pernilla was visiting from Sweden and had lots of input into the layout and organisation of this process. Thank you Pernilla.

You would not believe that attaching rectangles and squares could be such a problem but it was a nightmare. 

Lesson: trim and square everything at every stage of the process.

We did achieve some positive results and our Green Twister is now ready for in-the-ditch quilting as is our Chocolate Roses quilt. The Green Twister has its binding already hemmed but the Chocolate Roses (which is batted and backed) still needs its binding cut and attached. If anyone would like to help with and of these finishing processes please just contact me. We could do it after about mid November.

We drew the next fabric and block. It is a beautiful shell fabric but there was no name on the parcel. Who donated some lovely shells? I may not have time to write the instructions or post this out until mid November so please let me know if you would like to give this next block a miss and I won't send the fabric to you. We have adjusted the block pattern that came with the shells to suit be size of the print and will use some offcuts from the King's Highway top that go beautifully with it. I'll send that fabric as well.

For our May meeting next year the plan is to spend the Saturday at Kogarah Library to have a Jelly Roll Race. More about that later when we are clearer with requirements.

Our October weekend is the last one for 2012 so Merry Christmas to all those I will not see beforehand. I will send out dates for next year and a possible Christmas afternoon tea later in the year.

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Re Jelly Rolls: there's a good video on You-Tube about making them up; see