Friday, June 29, 2012

Questions and samples from Jeanette (WA)

Well when I got your email with the new block on it I thought I had bitten off more than I could sew!!! 

The only “flying geese” I had anything to do with were the real birds, 36 years ago on the cattle station north of Meekatharra, where they “pooped” all over the homestead veranda every time they got into the yard!!!! Nice to eat but very messy things!!

Luckily the next day at work, one of the girls who does a lot of patchwork was working…….so I said….”What on earth are flying geese”!!!!

She laughed and showed me with bits of paper, then said “Don’t worry, I’ll make some tonight and bring them in tomorrow”. So between the evening and morning shift she knocked up a few in various stages of manufacture!! 

So now I have them mastered!! 

This pic is the “throw” rug I made from scraps of quilts for April’s 7th birthday, along with her Leggo land café thingy to make. She was wrapped up in the rug on the couch that evening….goodo. It’s even got triangles of black faced sheep on it like ours on the farm….which she loves.

I’ve been practising with Thomas left overs and am pretty happy with it! Just a couple of the smaller geese are not as accurate as they should be. I drew lines on the bigger ones to stitch on as advised by my friend, but thought my eye was good enough on the smaller ones….apparently not quite!!  So there will be another today with hopefully a better finish to my liking.

So if you look too closely you will see what I mean….however, practise makes perfect! Oh I don’t need to get a ¼” foot for my machine….the lady in the shop showed me how to move the needle to the side over a mark on the foot and then with the fabric on the edge of the foot it does a perfect ¼” seam. Excellent!! 

I’ve cut my days down to 8 a fortnight as of July, so maybe I will get some more time to sew.

Got a 45mm Rotary cutter from Spotlight last week as I had worn down the blade on the original you bought for me……thought I might as well get the bigger one instead of new blades for the smaller one. Wow, this one really moves!! Also got some fabric from Finches Nest….that shop we went to.

OK Off to cut out the next pieces for next practise block.

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