Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News from Liz (Auckland)

Liz (Auckland) has been working on several projects with her group(class?) ...

I go to in the cultural centre next door, but am desperately trying to actually finish some projects before tackling anymore.

We did a "butterfly" wall hanging - which had no real pattern except a tracing for the large butterflies - each of the wings as composed of coloured segments sewn onto a background. I got much better at using my machine for applique! but struggled with making the bodies stand out - the batik fabric is fairly resistant to embroidery needles and because each lady was doing her own thing there was no set pattern to follow re background and placement... - it was a bit challenging - but I am almost finished - now working out how to quilt it and put a black frame on it. Did have fun experimenting with beads and glittery metal thread although they dont show up much in the photo.

Also tickled pink because I have now bordered all my 20 sample blocks and ready to sort out sashing and borders - accuracy as always is my major challenge - one moments inattention and oops!

I went to an exhibition of a quilting group from West Auckland and foudn it a goldmine of inspiration of using the same block to make some wonderfully different effects.

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