Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quilting Weekend in November

This last weekend there was lots to do, lots to see and lots to talk about. The first thing to report is that the beautiful red log cabin is ready for quilting and binding  and we have created our 'rules' for a quilt draw amongst ourselves that will allow us to win one of our beautiful quilts and donate some money to charity instead of the quilt if that is the most appropriate outcome.
We spent lots of time completing blocks for our dresden plate sampler and joining our pinwheels together for our pinwheel quilt.

There was lots of time to chat and have our 'board meeting' and we welcomed a new member Lian to our group.

Liz's blue and pink flowers are now complete and this quilt will be the first in our quilt draw for 2012 so keep tuned and we will publish the winner when it is drawn at our February weekend.
Then there was a show and tell time. Robyn had a quilt almost finished and I had much to show and tell about my quilting experiences whilst Elaine and I were in Canada and the USA. Here is the quilt top I completed as my project when I went with Marion to her quilting long weekend at Kennybunk Beach, Maine. I collected all the fabrics when I was travelling. They are all fall fabrics as a reminder of the fabulous fall colours we saw as we travelled.

I also demonstrated the twister blocks below that I learned to do at the quilt camp. Everyone is now very excited to be doing a green on green set of blocks for an extra quilt. This is a bit hard to demonstrate for our distance members but if you have a twister template and can follow the instructions below then please do so and send back your experiment including the little offcuts as well.

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