Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fun with twisters

When I attended a quilt camp in Maine last month I learned how to use a Li'l Twister template to make this stunning table mat. At our last quilt weekend I showed those present how it is done so we are all making the starter block. This runner uses 12 x 5" squares of fabric ("charm squares") but we have decided to make blocks for a quilt using only 9 x 5" squares of fabric which will give us 12.5" unfinished blocks. So here are the instructions:

1. Make a 9-patch using 5" squares of fabric in any greens you can find (avoid Christmas fabrics). Add a border of cream (calico or tone on tone cream will be OK). Don't get hung up on the "green", anything that says green to you even if it has bits of other colours will work. Don't forget to use 1/4" seams everywhere.
2. Place the template at each point in the block making sure the crossed lines on the template line up with the joins in your fabrics. Draw around the template.
Make sure you draw around every point on the block, even the ones along the border edge.
3. Using sharp and pointy scissors cut out one row of pieces and arrange them just as they were above your block. This step will avoid confusion.
4. Twist each piece anticlockwise until it lines up along the edges of the cut squares. Join these squares with 1/4" seams.
5. Cut out the next row of squares and line them up as you did before. Then twist them anticlockwise and join them. You will notice that you will have small squares of fabric left on your original block. Be careful with these scraps and try not to cut into them as they will be used later in the border of our quilt.
6. Once you have all the pieces cut and joined as rows, sew the rows together to form your block. Remember, for our blocks you will only have 9 stars, not 12 stars as in these pictures.
  • Small prints work better than large prints.
  • Put colours and textures together than contrast with those around them.
  • Cut accurately and try not to cut into the left over scraps.
  • Keep all scraps.
I have now written the instructions for this Square Dance block and linked it from the Instructions tab at the top of this page.

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