Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Begins

Last weekend was our first quilting weekend for 2011.

Our first task was to tack the Mr Men quilts ready for quilting. This job is so much better when done by a crowd around a table.

We had two new members Wilma and Jenny who were both very keen to see our quilts and try their hand at anything.

Then we had another tacking job. Leonie has made a quilt for her parents (seen here hanging over the bannister). Our next job was to tack that quilt sandwich ready for Leonie to quilt and bind.

At times there was standing room only with those attending being: Leonie, Elaine, Mary, Evelyn, Linda, Robyn, Wilma, Jenny, Ruth and of course me. I made a bit of a blunder on calculating the size of the small squares so all the sewing that Elaine did had to be unpicked. She looks happy here but that did not last when we realised it was wrong.

Robyn brought along one of her magnificent quilts that she had recently finished. Unfortunately I have no photos of her show and tell. Thanks for the inspiration Robyn.

Of course there was the usual beautiful food and lots of time to chat around the dining table.

The weekend was extended to include a trip to the Craft Mailbox on Monday morning for Leonie, Robyn and I and there were lots of fabrics on sale. Needless to say we spent all our allowances. We now have the sashing, borders and binding fabrics for the butterfly quilt if anyone feels like coming to start that process.

In all a fabulous and exhausting weekend again. Thank you to those who came and those others who support us from afar.

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