Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mystery Metre Quilt

This Mystery Metre Quilt is a communal project suitable for any quilting group. It is great to make one together to donate to a charity of your choice.

It doesn’t matter how frequently your group meets, how big your group is or how far apart they live.

The quilt dimensions preferred by many charities are 40 x 70 inches (102 x 178 cm). A quilt made with fifteen 12” blocks, sashing, borders and binding will end up close to these dimensions.


  1. Each member selects a fabric they would like to use in a quilt. The fabric will later be divided into 15 pieces to form the dominant fabric of each block in the Mystery Quilt. Large prints or widely spaced patterns may be unsuitable so care must be taken in choosing the fabric.
  2. Each member of the group brings a parcel (wrapped for secrecy) containing
  • about a yard (or a metre) of their selected cotton fabric
  • a simple block pattern on grid paper for a 12” x 12” block
  1. When the group meets each parcel is added to the Mystery Bag.
  2. One member then draws a Mystery Parcel from the Mystery Bag and opens it to reveal the fabric and block pattern to be used in the quilt.
  3. This block pattern is then analysed by the group, resulting in cutting instructions and templates being produced for everyone.
  4. Each member then takes home one fifteenth of the Mystery Fabric with a set of cutting instructions and templates. This piece of fabric (and its colours) must be the dominant feature in the block. Decisions can be made about whether the fabric should appear in a common position in each block or in any position.
  5. Members make their blocks and either bring them to the next meeting, or send them if unable to attend. Members can also bring any excess additional fabrics used in their block. These fabrics can be shared to help create more blocks for the quilt.
  6. When the group has created 15 blocks decisions can be made about placement, sashing, borders, binding and backing. This may require a group shopping trip!
  7. The members of the group then assist the donor of the Mystery Fabric to construct and finish the quilt.

© Leonie and Betty August 2007

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