Saturday, June 23, 2018

Finishing and furthering a few PhDs

Today's gathering saw our Glimpses of Japan quilt finished, photographed and labelled. Ann won the quilt and has decided to donate it to charity. It is so big (a queen size topper) that it hardly fits in the photograph.

Linda visited with her two lovely girls for lunch and took our Karen's Pinwheel quilt to donate to her mother's nursing home.

Then there was the backing to make for Robyn's Retro quilt. Karen spent most of the morning piecing a back that included the one orphan block from this project. Then we were all busy for a few hours tacking this quilt sandwich together ready for quilting.

Stephanie and Elaine spent some time trimming all the Helen's blue spots to a common size. Unfortunately this meant that lots of blocks lost their points but that just happens sometimes.

I spent most of the day sewing together Carol's Peach quilt top. Only a bit of unpicking and realigning and this top will be ready for our next border discussion.

This meant there was now one side of the board empty so Karen and Elaine pinned up the blocks from Christine's Windmills. They did cause a lot of discussion and experimentation with placement and sashing options but we have decided on no sashing and concentrating on borders when Elaine makes block #12 to complete the layout. We only had 11 which is an impossible number to work with.

This leaves us with still one set of blocks in our boxes of unfinished quilts, Karen's Blue and Brown spots so if anyone has not returned their blocks there is still time as we won't be having another group gathering until August. We did not draw another fabric but will do so next time.

Don't forget to contact me if you'd like to come for a pop-up sewing day as there are still things to do. I know Elaine will be coming with her extra windmill block and Stephanie will be coming with some pink for Helen's blue spot quilt so why not join them. Just ring or email to make a day.

PhD = Projects Half Done

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