Friday, October 23, 2015

Air Con in October

Our gathering in October happened on a very hot day but as I now have air conditioning upstairs we were able to sew without drips of perspiration falling on the fabric. Such a change from previous years over the summer months when we have almost died up there.

 We have finished the Bright Flowers quilt ready to donate to Aussie Heros.

 Linda's twins are due in December so she was not very active but was an excellent supervisor and passer of blocks.

Ivy just loves patchwork too. 
 We have now put all the sashing and cornerstones on Valerie's Liberty blocks seen here on the design wall.

Geoff of course had to be there to bring ivy.

We put up the blocks for Jeanette's star blocks and it was amazing how awful they looked when we put them up in the design on the instruction page. We then shuffled them a bit and came up with this layout which is much better. With a bit of tweeking the blocks will make a great single bed topper. We have some blocks that have not been returned yet because Carol was sick and Elaine was in Cairns so neither could attend.

Here is a photo of our next block completed by Jenny. Below it is a photo of how it will be cut but please send yours back without cutting it. The only fixed positions are the fabrics supplied as per the instructions.

Thanks to all those who came and/or completed blocks and made our day a most productive one.

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