Monday, August 17, 2009

August Quilting Weekend

Only a small gathering this time with five of us working like busy beavers to finish off a few quilts.
Our first task was to bind, label and photograph our Brown Sampler quilt. This meant that we had two finished quilts for donation.

We had an outing to Bezzina House to look around and see if it was an appropriate home for our quilts. Anne was thrilled and we were also able to view two of the units and see the quilts already there (made in 1998) and looking very comforting and well worn.

Helen's Stars is now complete and has a home at Bezzina House. Our Brown Sampler will be donated to St George Hospital to raffle for fundraising. Anne from Bezzina House felt that it could earn a lot of funds that way.

There was also a visit to Spotlight to buy some wadding for our next quilt. We have chosen one from our Lucky Dip that has an opportunity to try some hand quilting and some applique techniques. Robyn gave us a lesson on using iron-on sticky paper to cut and attach the applique pieces before sewing them on so we are going to try that out.

So our Woodstock Anniversary quilting weekend was as active as ever with lots of peace and love. Leonie even made a lentil stew for our dinner. Of course everyone provided excellent fare for all our meals and we all ate too much again.

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