Sunday, October 26, 2008

October Quilting Weekend

It was all go last weekend for our final quilting sleepover for 2008. We now have Evelyn's Bees quilt ready for donation (except the label that I need to print). This one has batting and backing rather than our usual polartec backing. We learned about tacking the layers together (rather than pinning) ready for quilting - much easier to manage under the machine.
We progressed well on the final two mystery metre quilts for the year. Leonie's Flowers are now a complete quilt top. We experimented with including a "peeper" in the binding and it looks great.Helen's Stars blocks have been put together with sashing and the border is now in progress. The colours in this one have been amazing to match and draw together.
Over the summer break we will continue with the Brown Sampler quilt so wait patiently and you'll receive your block kit in due course.

We had fun photographing two finished quilts on our new "quilt photography frame" AKA our new carport with curtain rod. It works really well although the photographer needs an assistant to hold the umbrella to keep the sun off the lens.

In 2009 we will start by finishing up Leonie's Flowers and Helen's Stars. We even have two Mystery Metre lucky dip parcels left.

So, if you need a quilt photographed or if you would like help with layering and tacking your quilt, bring it along to a quilting weekend. I'm also happy to provide the table, carport and fingers between our weekends so just let me know.Leonie made us all a Christmas surprise - gingerbread ladies and men. Thanks Leonie.


Anonymous said...

Hi to all you Rainbow Connection Quilters! Even though I am not present at the gatherings, I am really enjoying the opportunity to contribute to the quilts you are making. Since I was present at the first gathering (remember the howling rain storm?), I feel right at home as part of the group, in spite of the distance between us.
I really enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about your weekend together. I can imagine the chat and laughter you share together which makes the gathering so much fun.

I will be on a quilt weekend, Oct.31-Nov.2, in New Hampshire, with about 40 other women. It is held at a farm, where the barn has been made into a meeting place, for a variety of uses. The farm house is our lodging and we are served wonderful meals, which get us off the sewing chair to the dining room chair! You all know what it is like--a weekend of laughter and sharing ideas, while creating another quilt!

Best wishes to all!
Marion (USA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marion,
I wish you could have been here for our last week-end this year. You will just have to make do with a virtual gingerbread lady!