Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Pop-up Sewing Day

Today Karen G and Stephanie arranged a playdate at mine to have a pop-up sewing day.

Karen almost finished her latest block, using up some of my stash - hooray! The tacking on the Gorilla quilt was finished too.

Stephanie sewed together Robyn's Retro and it is looking amazing.

Meanwhile I finished all the machine stitching on my Gorilla quilt (thanks Jenny for the orphan block donation). It is all done with orphan blocks except for the last border. I'll put a pic of it up when it is properly finished.

Arianne spent the day cutting out on the dining table then sewing upstairs so it was a real hive of industry with lots of achievements made.

Yesterday Fred came to put a new belt on the treadle machine which is now working well. He also cleaned my Janome and showed me how to do it properly. I then replaced all needles in the machine and all blades in the rotary cutters. All is working well now.

If you would like to arrange a pop-up sewing day just email or ring and we can plan our day.

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