Friday, October 11, 2013

October Weekend

What a blow! I forgot to take any photos last weekend. But with the help of 3 quilt police and many others sewing and ironing we did get the Linda T's Hidden 9-patch quilt together on Saturday. That evening I was able to sew on the borders.

On Sunday Robyn and I started tacking the layers together so if anyone would like to come and finish the tacking with me just let me know when. We alternated tacking the 9-patch and the quilting of Jenny's Poppies so we did not get bored. Both jobs are only half done so help with the quilting is also waiting if someone wants to try some machine quilting.

I think I was still coping with jet lag and the end of my cold as the weekend was a bit of a blur. Those that were here have discovered that although the 9-patch is easy to do, it is very difficult to put together when more than one person is involved. When a few people are removing pairs of blocks from the design wall there is not a lot left on the design wall from which to check the arrangement of the blocks. Hence the need for three quilt police to check that patches were returned to the wall in the same orientation they left it.

Lots of fun was had by all.

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