Thursday, May 5, 2011

April Quilting Weekend

Last weekend was a very active quilting weekend. With a lot of work from members in the weeks prior (see previous post) we have now caught up on some of our quilts and have completed the Mr Men and Linda's Butterfly quilts. Now we are back to only having three quilts on the go - Jane's Birds (borders are now being attached), Liz's Flowers (awaiting two more blocks) and Suzy's Log Cabin (fabric pieces and instructions will be posted out soon).

I reverted to being school marm this weekend. Some blocks needed to be redone because 1/4 inch seams were not accurate and therefore the final blocks were wrong sizes for the quilt top. Of course I just changed any overseas blocks but those who attended spent time altering blocks or catching up on unfinished blocks.

In the photo below Jane's Birds in on the design wall and looks great (so does Linda of course). It is amazing how a block with prominent straight lines to start with can create diamonds in the finished quilt!

Evelyn and others used our number four sewing machine in our small sweat shop. This one was donated by a friend from her grandmother's estate. What a bonus! We now have four active machines and at least three of them were in use at the weekend, each threaded with a different colour.

Marion from Massachusetts has spent hours hemming and pressing so that quilts could be finished. Here she has the binding for Linda's Butterflies.

I will put up photos of the finished quilts soon.

We had up to 6 people (always a few different people in the mix) at every meal so it was quite a busy, noisy group as we discussed quilts, block arrangements, block designs and other things. A great weekend again.

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