Thursday, September 25, 2008

August Quilting Weekend

At our August weekend we finished binding Betty's Basket quilt and it is now ready to send to our charity.
We spent time putting together our blocks for Leonie's Flowers quilt but made progress on our others as well. We now have four works in progress: Evelyn's Bees, Leonie's Flowers, Helen's Star and our Brown Sampler.

One fun activity was sorting and selecting fabrics donated by Elizabeth to use in our Brown Sampler quilt. There were so many decisions and choices to be made.

Cutting and sewing the sashing for Evelyn's Bees meant it was ready to back so Robyn showed us how to layer with batting and backing and basting it all together ready for quilting. She then started the process. Machine quilting is definitely a one-person task.

Leonie's Flowers was the quilt on the design wall so the shopping trip was to buy backing and sashing fabrics to finish this one.

Our final lucky dip for the next Mystery Metre Quilt was Helen's Star patch and fabric. On Sunday Leonie, Jane and Betty were able to complete our blocks and type out the instructions to send out to everyone.

The Brown Sampler quilt is now in Leonie's hands to complete her block.

Our group seems to have settled into a great pattern so that on each quilting weekend anyone can be involved in all steps of quiltmaking from choosing fabrics and block design through to finally binding and labelling the finished quilt.

Our last weekend for 2008 is 18-19 October when we'll finish off as much as we can and organise dates for 2009.

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